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Bosch Solar Arnstadt

The Bosch Group is expanding its solar production with its solar cell manufacturing facility in Arnstadt. Bosch is investing a total of € 530 million into new manufacturing facilities, a logistics center, and an administrative building. On the 382,000 square meter property, approximately 101,000 m² useable area is created.

The manufacturing hall is founded on 481 bored piles. For the foundation of the administrative building, an additional 280 piles were driven into the ground. The complete construction is set on 480 prefabricated pillars. Altogether 4,100 tons of steel were used, in addition, 6,600 tons of reinforcing steel were integrated in the 38,300 m³ of concrete. The façade of the administrative building has an area of 7,500 m² while the façade area of the manufacturing hall is almost twice as big with 14,600 m².


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